Take care of yourself,
your body will thank you
& your soul will enjoy it.

How may I help you ?

Is your body talking to you ?

You wish to understand it

Fatigue, stress, chronic pains, muscle blocking, disturbed sleep...


Is your body silent ?

You wish to listen to it

Feeling’s blocking, feeling to be apart, feeling of inside emptiness...


Is your body suffering ?

You wish to cut it off

Difficult experiences, communication, fears, repetition of familial schemes, same obstacles, feeling of being stagnant, of not living anymore...


Is your spirit confused, lost ?

You wish to make it feel better

Something is troubling you but you cannot define it exactly, lack of self-confidence, happiness trouble, enlightenment in a situation...


Is your heart in pain ?

You wish to heal it

Need more sweetness, self-love, peace, mourning a situation, relaxing, get back your full power...


Are you ready to change ?

You are at the right place, let yourself be guided.


My tools & my inside keys


Biodecoding allows, through active listening of the person, to support him in the research of the symptoms origin, decode it and heal it.

Massage & energy

Listen to your body, liberation of emotional and physical ;issues (hot stones, massages)

Personal support

Listen to your heart and feelings. Analysis of your needs and adapted therapeutic advice.

Margaux Thomas

Support guide and spokesperson of a new breath of life, I will be glad to guide in your inner approach. Graduated “advisor in biodecoding” and trained in diverse ways, I propose an unique approach based on the needs of the client. Furthermore, fond of learning and exchanging opinions, I list (in my blog) different ways throughout the world to take care of yourself.

My roles as a therapist

“Awake conscience and inform, these are my missions on this earth.”


Spokesperson of a new breath of life, a new way to see the world, to heal, to revive our power. Throughout my blog, you can find all the processes that I have experienced myself or that I practice. Depending on your needs, you may look for the one that fits the best of your requirements.

Support guide

To support you in your conscious evolution, in your memory’s liberation, trauma experiences, moods, comprehension and listening of your body. Throughout our exchange, you may explore your feelings and push toward the better physical and psychological well-being.

Improved lives

To help you along the way...

If you want to get to know us, don’t hesitate.

Contact informations

Les carnets de Margaux

Support guide and spokesperson for a new breath of life, come and discover my world. Let yourself be guided on your way and choose the suitable method for you.

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