Who am I?

Globe-trotter and curious, I will be glad to share my experiences with you. Attracted by healthcare, -universal and without border- I decided to study biodecoding 2 years ago. Then I practiced transgenerational, relaxation, magnetism and body studies. Finally, the necessity of informing people about a new way of taking care of yourself around the world appeared as an obvious fact. Combine support and client’s choice of the best technique, that is the goal of my work.

Passionated by human complexity and the knowledge of our environment, I followed a different way of life from the one I had years ago.

Since I was a child, I have always been attracted by all forms of healing. From doctor to wizard, I simply wanted to help people. I understood, years after, that before healing people, I should do my own checking. “Who can take care of ourselves better than ourselves?”

Curious of discovering who I really was, I have been supported by people who will recognize themselves, I read, I experimented. Who am I truly? What are my actual needs ? At a turning point of my life, (loss of a dear one, disease), I decided to listen to my inner voice. I quickly paid attention to the small messages of life (feelings, visions, dreams…) and followed my intuition. Attraction for magnetism, energy, interconnections in the universe. The appeal of healing “by hands” became stronger and stronger.

After a one year trip to northern Europe and the healing of inner wounds -that I didn’t want to see- I have been freed from the old patterns.

I was born at 21 years old.

When I came back, I trained in different processes of personal development, PNL but also in massages (hot stones, relaxation…) by trusting my intuition. I took once again the way to school for a graduation in bio-decoding where I’m still studying.

Today, the necessity for me to communicate and inform the world of all the keys we already have to open the gates of life, is unwieldy. This notes, this guide, I hope, will allow you to find the most suitable method for your needs.
I am glad to support people who come to meet me, to help them to release themselves from familial legacies, to know who they really are. The greater well-being, physical and emotional are engines of my work.

My approach changes depending on my own evolution and the never ending work on myself. It doesn’t go in any box, it is undefined, it is just, “who I am”

My professional timeline

Astrology training

- Study of the birth chart (adult, child, company) and forecast.

Support in biodecoding

- Studies of the different body systems in the school of Christian Flèche.
- Traineeship in transgenerational issues.

Training in magnetism and hot stones

- Trained by a person adept of energies, I practice regularly.

Advisor in biodecoding

- Graduated from the biodecoding school of Christian Flèche.
- Initiation in PNL.

Graduated from law university

- I realized that I didn't belong here...

Start of my conscience awakening

- The beginning of my inner reflexion, of the discovery of myself.

My commitments


What we said during the meeting will never be repeated. Professional secrets can only be disposed of in the framework of legislative provisions.

Honesty & respect

In the “support” relationship, confidence, honesty and respect are necessary for efficient healing.

No judgment

I am not here to judge you ! Whatever your pathology is, your gender or your origin, I am here to help and support you.


During the meeting, I will be entirely besides you and swear to listen to you gently.

Ce qui m'habite


in its kind but plural in its open-mindedness.


a look, a gesture, a speech, a smile…


international, cultural, inner trip.


of a new breath of life, a new way to live.


Santa Claus will be my neighbour. I will move to Finland this year.

If you want to get to know us, don’t hesitate.