I'm looking for help for…


I am the priority. Find a suitable treatment method.

My child/teenager

Create a communication, release fears and traumas, make self confidence stronger.

My couple

Create a communication/harmony, energy balance, move forward together, release fears...

My family

Understand past and roots, identify familial patterns, cares and clear family trees.

Needs & Goals

Make sens

to my pains by the words.

Listen to

my inner voice, my body, my soul (and signs of life).

Be alive

because it’s my main mission.


who I am deeply inside.

Greater well-being

physical, emotional, spirit.


life’s obstacles and problemes.

Be conscious of

who I really am (physically and emotionally)


me, my choices, my body.


my self-confidence, my power, my radiance, my protection.

Be an actor of

my own live, choices, universe.


my body, my heart (and take time for me).


my quality of live, my daily life. Shine.

How does a session work?


  • Discussions with the client to identify his needs, issues and expectations.
  • Listening beyond words to identify messages from body and mind
  • Establishment of a therapeutic “portal” and therapeutic methods.


  • Deprogramming negative feelings
  • Emotions release for an “emotional emptying”, an awareness.
  • Resources contribution

Harmonization & integration

  • Global harmonization of body and mind.
  • Energy rebalancing if it’s necessary.
  • Client’s feedback.
WARNING: I’m not giving any medical diagnosis and my support cannot be used as a substitute for a medical consultation or other health professional.

If you want to get to know us, don’t hesitate.


Of course We are all connected to each other and it is not necessary to be physically present all the time. Believe in the universe, believe in me, believe in you.
Absolutly ! They are accessible at the request and after evaluation.
I understand. Listen to your inner voice and let yourself be guided. You can also read the testimonials or contact me if you wish to dispel your doubts.

Absolutely ! I have a very wide range of tools that no box can contain. “There are no limits apart from the ones you set for yourself”.

In general, for specific situations, one or two sessions are enough. For chronic problems, more than one may be necessary.